How To Reverse The Aging Process, Look Years Younger, and Reveal Your Most Beautiful Face

No Surgery, No Incisions, No Downtime.

If you have a:

  • Flat nose bridge, or round nose tip that you do not like
  • Sagging skin on your cheeks that makes you look older than you really are
  • Round face or a jaw profile that makes your face look flat

Then this treatment is made for you.

Say Goodbye To Ghastly Wrinkles, A Drooping Face, A Drooping Nose, Or Even A Flat Nose Bridge, In Minutes…

How do fillers work and how long do results last?

Fillers are designed to fill in the volume your face has lost over time due to aging. We inject a variety of natural substances, including Calcium hydroxyapetite (bone liquid), also known as Radiesse for very deep wrinkles or bone defects, a natural protein known as Hyaluronic Gel (found in and under our skin), into your skin where there are frown lines or wrinkles, and via cellular therapy, your own fibrin derived from your own blood.

These areas on your skin will become filled up, your skin will “plump up,” and these wrinkles will become less obvious and defects are literally “filled-in”.

All substances are naturally made by our body, are safe, and poses minimal risks to your skin. Over time, your body will slowly degrade or absorb or use what has been injected in order to support and regenerate tissue in the area.

The results from these fillers can last for 9 to 24 months on average.

Demal filler restylane radiesse stem cell

Which product is right for me?

For optimal results, combinations of both a thicker and a thinner Filler are used

Injectable products are being used in place of implants and surgery. A small touch of additional volume can make a substantial difference in your appearance. An “injectable chin implant” instantly transform a “weak” chin into one that helps balance your facial contours and profile.

How long a treatment holds it’s effect is very individualized. This depends on many factors, such as your age, skin type, life style, exercise level, and muscle activity, as well as on the injection technique used (amount, depth, etcetera).

Our fillers will typically last from 6 months until 2 years. When completely absorbed, the gel disappears unnoticed from the body.

Injection Comfort:

For wrinkle treatments a topical anesthetic is used or a nerve block or both.

Tissue Compatibility:

The ability of our filler products to integrate with adjacent tissues allows the free passage of vital nutritive elements like oxygen and hormones to pass between fragments of the gel. The result is healthy, natural looking skin with no obstructive elements to compromise skin tissue.