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Welcome to Opsaklinik

We are dedicated to providing the best personalized medicine via cutting-edge technology, techniques, and procedures in the field of Aesthetics, Anti-Aging, Stem Cell Enhancement, and Immunotherapy all in a completely private and anonymous environment.

As a multidisciplinary practice located in Istanbul, Turkey, we not only serve Turkish and European clientele, but clients from the USA, Middle East, and Asia. With two “State-Of-The-Art” Facilities, we have a common underlying objective: to enhance and maintain one’s physical well-being via personalized treatments. Our physicians are dedicated to being and remaining in the forefront of technology by researching and pioneering the latest, and most effective, techniques and procedures.

Opsaklinik & Kalamis Medical

Personalized Regenerative Medicine Treatments

Please be advised that because of the exclusive nature of most of our clients, we provide a completely private service in an effort at maintaining total patient anonymity.


We provide: (1) private entrances and exits, (2) private elevators, (3) private in-patient and out-patient recovery rooms, (4) a private driver and accommodations if desired.